How to burn a candle, the right way!

Did you know there was a wrong way to burn candles? It may seem surprising but there really is. Burning candles for short periods of time can cause tunneling as it is relit and the tunneling progresses the candle will eventually stop lighting because it cannot get enough oxygen. We want to make sure that you can enjoy your candles to their full life so we wanted to share with you the right way to burn them!

1. Choose your candle

This is the easiest and most fun step! Our favorites include Moonlight Pomegranate, Autumn Wreath, McIntosh Apple, and Maple Cinnamon Bun!

2. Light the Candle

Ok, stay with me. I know right now that it seems pretty rudimentary but we are getting to the most important step next!

3. Keep it Lit!

Here is the most important step! Don’t blow the candle out after only fifteen minutes of burning. When you do this it can cause tunneling which means that your candle will not burn evenly and will eventually not light because it isn’t getting enough oxygen. So, keep it lit for an hour or till the wax is burned across.

4. Enjoy!

5. Stay Safe

Enjoy the lovely scent as it goes through your home. Our candles are non-toxic so you can burn without worrying about what it is doing to your health. Read our blog about our candles and the importance of going non-toxic.

Enjoy your candle to the fullest but be sure that you do not burn it over 4 hours!

We hope this was simple but helpful. We care about you getting the most out of our products and want your family to be safe. Be sure to share with us on social media when you are using your candles and what your favorite scents are!

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