This week I have the privilege of introducing you to a very important member of the Good Nature Essentials family, Roberta!

Roberta is our General Manager and is in charge of product research and development, product creation, management, and a whole list of other things! Her laugh is distinctive and you cannot help joining in when she really starts to crack up. She cares deeply and works hard; she is greatly appreciated here. She also has a story; one that reflects her strength and tenacity and one in which some may be able to connect with.

Roberta began making natural products in 2013 after she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 33. She wanted to have safe products for herself and family that they could use without worrying about what it would do to their bodies internally. Roberta was not the only one to bear medical issues in her family; when her husband was 31 he was diagnosed with brain cancer and both of their children have bore major medical issues. These occurrences pushed her to a place where she decided that she wanted to get to the root of the problem at hand because her family was far too young to be dealing with these issues.

As a result, she started researching and seeking guidance from those who were in the holistic world of health and quickly learned how responsible the products we use day to day are for our well-being. “I was quickly awakened to what was happening. Our bodies were just riddled with toxins! We immediately started making changes in our diet then made changes in our personal care and household products. The difference it made was unbelievable- we were seeing big changes in just a few months! That spoke volumes and I knew we just had to make a lifestyle change for good.

It has been important for Roberta to have a clean, healthy, and chemical free home for years now. Her house plants have even responded to the changes that have been made at home. “Everyone compliments how big, vibrant and beautiful my plants are compared to others.  Our human bodies work the same way; when given clean, healthy products paired with fresh water and sunshine, you thrive! I love that my kids have grown up using natural products because now they know the difference and can continue living that lifestyle. They also understand the importance and see the difference.

Her passion for creating a safe and healthy environment has caused her to want the same for others. Roberta loves educating people on the importance of using natural products and what is in the products we are using day to day and how they can be affecting us. “People just don’t know what kinds of chemicals and toxins we are putting on our bodies and using in our homes because we trust that if they are being sold, they are safe. Unfortunately, that is not the case these days. I love that we can offer an alternative to the items they love and that it is safe and healthy!

When I met Roberta in 2015 I was instantly taken in by her laughter (if you ever get the chance to meet her you will know what I mean!) and her passion for providing awesome natural products for people. Roberta is a force to be reckoned with; cancer didn’t know what it was getting into when it met Roberta.

By; Erica Roy

Bonus Material:

A fun fact that you like to share when it comes to using natural products? Most of them are multi-purpose!  It makes it easy to improvise in a pinch!

What is something that you want to learn how to make?  I would love to learn how to make toothpaste…the kind that will squeeze out of a tube!

Favorite essential oil? My favorite oil is bergamot.  It is so uplifting and has MANY benefits!

Favorite Good Nature Essentials Product? My favorite Good Nature Essentials product is hard to pick because I love them all!  But, I am really hooked on the facial moisturizer because it does a fantastic job of moisturizing and is not heavy or greasy. I get compliments on my skin tone all the time and it’s because of using the natural products.