Over the past couple of years there has been a large trend to switch from liquid soap to bar soap. Part of this is due to cost, but other things like sustainability as people are becoming more conscious of their plastic consumption which is great! Now there are many bar soaps out there and not all are created equal; some are laden with chemicals and fragrances that smell awesome, but are not awesome for you. That is why our bar soaps are great; they not only smell great but are good for you and are going to work awesome. But, if you are buying them I would imagine you are going to want them to last more than a week’s worth of showers, am I right?

Has this ever happened to you before? You go ahead and start using a bar soap but it feels like it just disappears after being used just a few times. Well, it could be that the bar soap was made way too soft, but it is more likely the environment that it is in. Here at Good Nature Essentials we use the best methods of soap making to make sure we are providing you with a good “strong” soap that is going to last. So, to make sure you can stretch the life of your soap to its full potential here are the two biggest tips when dealing with bar soaps.

1.Where you store it.
Think right now. Is your soap in your shower, on the sink, or on a shower caddy hanging from the shower head? There is your first problem. In those environments the soap will be getting super wet and is going to basically melt. As all of the steam from not only your shower, but everyone else in the family that soap is going to get softer and softer, smaller and smaller.

The best place to store it would be a shelf or counter in your bathroom or even in the bathroom cabinet. Yes, you will have to remember to move it over each time you shower, but I’m telling you that you are going to notice a significant difference in the life of your soaps.

2.What you store it on.
I doubt you are going to want to store your soap straight on a shelf all wet and soapy, and that is right. You are going to want to get a good soap dish to place the soap on after each use. I would recommend one where there are holes or little “nubs” for the soap to rest on. It is important that the soap get airflow and that moisture doesn’t get trapped between the soap and the surface it is resting on. That same “melting” is going to happen because the moisture can’t escape. This will also make it easier to transfer to and from the shower. A soap dish that captures water underneath is very handy as well so you can be sure that you aren’t getting soapy water all over your shelves or counter.

After applying these tips you are going to notice that your soap is actually dry when you go and take a shower and that you are going to likely get at least another week or so out of it. These tips are super simple but are easy to implement and will make a big difference. Happy washing everybody!
By: Erica Roy