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Magnesium, the Magic Mineral!

Magnesium, the magic mineral Have you been feeling blue lately? Or do you have one of those headaches you just can’t seem to get rid of? Do you suffer from joint pain or inflammation? Or is it maybe you just can’t sleep at night? I don’t have a magic pill for you, but what if…

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New Body Oils & Body Cream

We have a new product and we’re excited! This one’s for everyone! Whether we like it or not, all of us are growing, changing and aging. Our skin needs some assistance in staying hydrated and looking supple. I’m not just talking about our faces either. When we think skin care we have a tendency to…

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Refresh Your Skin Care Routine!

Spring has sprung! Well, sort of, if you live here in Northwest PA. Nothing says spring like a little spring cleaning. When we think spring cleaning, we think about our houses. We are reminded of all those house projects we’ve put off, those cabinets and drawers we’ve neglected, and those spaces in which we’ve let…

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